Monday, May 19

Roasters 2 opens ...!!!!!!

Well its official .... were now a coffee "chain"!
after a whirlwind 5 weeks of pull everything apart we have the second branch opened and a full weeks trading under our belt.

if we can maintain the momentum we should have another hit on our hands. Regular customers have been incredible and have been supporting the new shop even after having bought drinks in the original Roasters.

i had promised myself i would document this one but once i get my teeth into the project in hand it kind of takes over and becomes and unstoppable mass, The idea of typing something which does not add immediate value to the project soon dissipates after a 15 hour day, trust me.

I do plan to document my exploits in greater detail but a few dear friends are requesting a few pics so here seemed as good a place as any to post them.

The machine fanatics will notice a massive beast of a four group perched on the counter... i wanted a cathedral of a machine to make a statement and i was not disappointed when it was lifted (with 4 big guys required) into its place.