Saturday, January 12


Welcome to my personal journey and experinces which are related to the incredible world and the amazing people with in it who are also passionate about coffee.


CakeBoy said...

Well done mate on your blog, fab photos too. I look forward to reading about your UKBC adventures. Congratulations on your heat win this week! :)

Barry said...

Many thanks Cakey. Fitting that my first comment would be you :-).
Pictures courtesy of Mentness (Blog)

Anonymous said...

Mrs Gingerbread Latte' and Mr Caromel Latte' say 'Congratulations and well done, keep up the good work'.
Love the place, love the people, love the passion you guys have for your work, oh and the coffee aint' bad either!!!! :-)
Best wishes
Nicky & Dave

BazBean said...

Thanks guys ... thanks for stopping by and see you soon!