Saturday, February 23

UKBC 2008 Result and Thoughts

Firstly a massive thanks to all the (Too Much Coffee) gang for there support and well wishes leading up to the events and well wishes after . :-)

On the Winner , Hugo Hercod

…. Well deserved and a fantastically humble ambassador for the UK along with Sarah (Mrs Hugo) who’s wonderful. they make a tenacious team for WBC that’s for sure. Not being sure of the opposition I will not temp fate but Hugo will be in the mix with a precision routine and passion that for sure.

Having entered the competition for experience and fun really I have to be honest straight from the top here and say I am bitterly disappointed at not reaching the top 3 as my expectation grew along the way. With a second place on points going into the final even I started to think a podium place may be possible?

The judges got it spot on in my opinion and I think my disappointment stems not in being placed 5th as this I would have gladly settled for prior to this competition but I think from the performance in the final being probably the least strong of all my routines. This said we all have 15 minutes in which to do your thing as they say, so there you go.

As a event it’s amazing , backstage is hectic and I will attempt not to be critical as it far to easy to do that with anything but on the organisation side clear passages to the stage area would be helpful as we physically had espresso cups broken on the jostle trying to set up …… certainly raised my blood pressure which is something I could have done without!. Not a factor in the result and certainly not sour grapes, just something I will request for future events if asked.

I will be cautious and try not to butter up to the judges and SCAE to favour place for next year, but a MASSIVE thanks to all those guys ….. seriously if you want to talk passion for your coffee talk to some of these people. The hours they spend with one purpose in mind – to find the best candidate to represent the UK that year is amazing.

Constantly open to criticism and the fact that the expanses paid for this time has virtually no chance of covering the actual costs of travel and accommodation in many cases I think a great debt of gratitude is owed, of course a few guys are attending for business related issues but overall I think We and the UKBC as an organisation, come off the better in this relationship and I for one thank all the organisers, judges and support staff for making the event possible.

Little is said of the compares Gary and John sometimes and a big thanks also for making the event professional but FUN, and finally for the lads at La Spazialle Colin, Ray and others who work like Trojans and endeavour to accommodate every request us baristi ask of them.

Final words are if you have never entered ……. Do so.

Its an experience in coffee not to be missed and just for 3 days of being surrounded by incredibly warm and generous people who share your passion it’s a must do thing! Enter now..


CakeBoy said...

You did wonderfully Barry and are a credit to yourself, Roasters Coffee and coffee enthusiasts throughout the UK. Well done mate, we salute you :D

Patent Attorney said...

Well done.