Friday, February 15

Roasters ...spreads its wings

Incredibly excited to have just commited to expanding the little empire !. A Second location within the town to service the southern end of town.

Lots of work and planning to do but this is the first post of many documenting the start to fruition of the opening.

Previously it was a cafe Bar for the last seven years but the emphasis has been on the Bar and not the coffee..... ordineraly I would not normaly take on a project with history but the area crys out for real coffee.

here are a few pictures of the project at (day 1)


steve said...

that make you a chain now :)

Seriously well done hope I'm invited to the opening party.

Lukas said...

All the best Barry, I hope it works out well for you all!

Anonymous said...

Barry - its been a long time mate but great to hear your doing well.Your set up looks fantastic and i will be sure to visit when im next in Scarborough

Anonymous said...

Hi barry - not sure if you remember me from our Solar days but great to see your doing so well mate

Bravo 95 said...

Beautiful wings indeed!

Patent Box said...

Looks like you're doing really, really well!